Mellow Creme

Latest Single

7 July 2021

Produced by: Carlo Music

Chemutengure (The Wagon Driver). I keep it moving. Through the tough times and the impossible. I keep it moving. This is an ode to my totem Mhofu (Eland). A tribute to the mhofu clan that holds the highest place in the Zimbabwean and African spiritual realm. A celebration of my sisters called Chihera or Anachihera. Beautiful, commanding and hardworking. The most revered hero of the Zimbabwean war against its colonisers was Mbuya Nehanda who was from my clan. Their assurity and leadership skills are misunderstood for being troublesome. Mhofu men are known as the best lovers and have the most respect for women and their beauty.



Zimbabwean Afro Hip-Hop artist Mellow Creme is a singer, illustrator, poet and Creative Director , plying his trade in the capital city Harare, the very heartbeat of urban art. He released his debut album ‘Mellow Madness’ in 2016 followed by a mixtape called ‘Mellowdramatic Vol 1’in 2017, with rap lyrics that touch mainly on love and Pan Africanism.

Mellow is not afraid to push boundaries in his art. Poetry is his strength and a song is not just a melody to him. It is a collage, a painting, a sketch or sometimes a book. He writes, records and performs with his band, so when he goes live expect a soulful live performance like never before.

I can’t wait to see Mellow on a global stage. His sound is unique and has a whiskey and cigar feel to it.

Rhoda Hoggins – Engadini South Africa

A triple threat. Great word play, great voice and looks. A multi hyphenate creative, Mellow is very professional and is Africa’s best kept secret.

Mucha Mlingo – PTS Africa Managing Director (Kenya and UK)

Mellow is one hit away from shaking the world and proving to the industry that he is in it for the long haul.

Bantu – Gloucester FM