Mellow Creme


Brand Storyteller & BRAND Strategist

With over two decades of experience in brand development, I possess a deep understanding of the African landscape, having worked extensively with top-listed African brands. I specialize in crafting narratives and strategies tailored to the unique cultural nuances of the continent, enabling brands to resonate authentically with their audience and drive impact.

Graphic DesignER

My expertise in graphic design is enriched by my years in advertising and brand development and extensive design concepts over the years. From working with leading African brands to startups and NGOs focused on social impact, I leverage this knowledge to create designs that not only captivate but also reflect the diverse cultural tapestry of Africa.

From logos to brand identity and brand marks, each design is meticulously crafted to evoke emotion and convey brand messages that resonate with local audiences.


As a Creative Director, my strong understanding of human centred creative solutions allows me to lead teams in developing innovative campaigns that speak directly to the hearts of consumers. Drawing inspiration from historical and modern art as well as pop culture my work has been curated by top-listed African brands as well as startups and NGOs championing social impact. I infuse creativity and authenticity into every project, ensuring brands make a meaningful connection with their target audience.

Design Thinking Coach

With a foundation in human-centered problem-solving and extensive experience as a moderator, educator, and brand strategist, I bring a unique perspective to design thinking. My understanding of the intricate connection between business strategy and creative solutions, honed through growing brands across Africa and shaping brand identities for startups in Europe, enables me to guide teams in developing innovative solutions that drive meaningful impact and sustainable growth. Additionally, I facilitate training workshops for both start-ups and established brands, empowering them to unlock their creative potential and drive success.

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