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The La La Song lyrics

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The La La Song (written and performed by Mellow Creme)


(kids singing in background) la la la la la la

Don’t let them treat you like a fool

No matter what they say or do

They might be thinking that you lonely

You run the world and you know it

Yeah Yeah

Verse 1

Through my father’s eyes

I finally see the truth

No disguise, my age is my proof

I realize that the wisdom induced

In my teenage years is all I needed to boost

Sit alone in the dark, and see the past

If I speak from my heart, will I heal the pain

All I got is my art when I feel insane

Close the door to the past and start again

Gather around let me hear how you feel inside

You African, I know you scared inside

You African, but I know your future’s bright

You African…

Let the children sing

Chorus x2

Verse 2

African daughter, beauty defined

You got a lotta, mountains to climb

From diaspora to home you will find

Strong black women with fire in their eyes.

They be melanin popping, Yellow bone shining

Don’t need co-signing coz they lead the army

Forever they be grinding, family never hungry

Found the silver lining in a world that’s cloudy

White privilege, male privilege IT’S A FACT!

That its there, but you never flinch IT’S A FACT!

And you never quit, you a lioness IT’S A FACT!

Lion heart you raised a Lion King IT’S A FACT!

Chorus x2

Verse 3

Listen young man, you my African sun

Gotta stand for your sister she an African god

You think you got it tough? Imagine what she’s got

They took your everything? Imagine what she’s got

Spend your whole life running? Imagine what she’s got

No schools no education? Imagine what she’s got

You find it hard smiling? Imagine what she’s got

Leaders keep lying? Imagine what she’s got

Hold her by the hand stand tall you’ll achieve a lot

Divided we fall coz we all we got!

Divided we fall coz we all we got!

Divided we fall…

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