Hennessy By The Lake

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Must have been your brown skirt, pretty face Something got us aligned with the universe Sexy legs, rhythm and base Heart pumping loud as I was introduced Hope it wasn’t too loud I’d be so embarrassed Acting cool but if I’m being honest Never met anybody else so God blessed[…]

I’m Sorry

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I’m sorry you listen to your friends Lying about me and her Sorry they jealous of us and the life that we have They pray for my downfall, you leaving my ass I’m sorry I get depressed I’m sorry that I’m so blessed I’m sorry I’m suicidal And my gift[…]

In My Zone

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You don’t know me Don’t judge Chorus Why you all up in my zone Zone Zone Beautiful sound of rain on my window pane Sweet smell of life like I’m born again Flashback moments of my younger days Wish I had this wisdom at 28 Love never feels good like[…]

Oh My Baby (The SexAphone song)

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Verse 1 Tell me something I don’t know Am I the one for yah I say let’s keep it on the low But I’m in love with yah I take you high when I’m low Am I not good enough I need the whole world to know There’s only one[…]


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  You know I loved you, and I loved you for real Never understood my feelings But I know they were you You my pain, my sadness What else can I do My rain, my madness My heart when its two My heart when its two My heart when its[…]