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In My Zone

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You don’t know me

Don’t judge


Why you all up in my zone



Beautiful sound of rain on my window pane

Sweet smell of life like I’m born again

Flashback moments of my younger days

Wish I had this wisdom at 28

Love never feels good like they say

Pain in my heart does it go away

Angry at myself never being there

Chasing big dreams

Or just running scared

You don’t know me

Don’t judge

She paranoid

So annoying

Keep blaming, I know I’m loyal

They follow me so that she leaves

She my queen, she my royal

I feel like a god they see a man

Maybe when I’m gone will they understand

The sacrifice, the hunger games

So called lies, calling names

I say I’m creative

They say it’s a crutch

I say mind your business

They say it’s a must

I say it’s a painting

They say it’s a smudge

I say she a friend

They see chocolate fudge

Married my best friend they want us apart

Beautiful daughter she owns my heart

I owe her my dreams, I owe her that much

I gotta be the greatest so please don’t judge


Why you all up in my zone