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I’m Sorry

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I’m sorry you listen to your friends

Lying about me and her

Sorry they jealous of us

and the life that we have

They pray for my downfall, you leaving my ass

I’m sorry I get depressed

I’m sorry that I’m so blessed

I’m sorry I’m suicidal

And my gift is a curse

I’m sorry I cant express

how much I love you in gifts


If you say its over

Just coz they say I’m no good

I’ll never settle for another

Just coz I know what I had was good

Its hard being perfect when human

Keep your eyes locked on your woman

When I’m out clubbing don’t touch

Keep your drink close but don’t crush

Why would you be the mother of my child

if I didn’t believe you the one I love

Why sacrifice everything

If the bird aint gonna sing

Why else would I be home everyday

When all other men do is run away

Why else would I update you when I’m away

Who I’m with where I’m at, every night and day

Why else would I show off my family

If I wasn’t proud of you my wifey

Why else would I show off my family

If I wasn’t proud of you my wifey


Last night I couldn’t sleep crush and burn

Sex life gone so depressed

Cant get it up I’m so submerged

Deep in my thoughts, demons emerge

Wish somebody had told me the price I’d pay

For dreams so astro I’m not a man

Mind like a god, body is weak

I’m an artist, its deep

I’m not a freak

I’m not the perfect hubby you the perfect wife

Keep your guy friends and let go of my life

Biggest mistake is saying I’ll never change

I’m not an angel, sorry, I’m just a man