Mellow Creme

By Vanessa T. Amidu

Everyone at some point in life has felt their blood rush, feet rise from the ground, stomach grumble or something they did not quite understand until it made sense to link it to a certain individual, who can make one feel this way. You cannot control it, the excitement, the anxiety, the thinking and erratic behavior. If you have never felt this kind of way before, don’t worry, you will and it is then you will understand why the greatest of all is love. Do not complicate love. Let it be simple this time. That deep care for your lover, parent, child or friend. How far can love stretch and to what point do we call it ‘true love’?


Have you watched Mellow Creme’s True Love video yet? If you haven’t please do. A clear description of emotion effortlessly painted through human connection. That echo voice in the background that keeps saying, “I want true love. I need true love…” makes one to think about how they have ever loved. “Isn’t it beautiful?” I asked myself, how your aura is everywhere because of the marks you have left in all the people and things you have loved before? You exist in a lot of places.

Softly, from the pregnancy period, a mother rubs her belly just to feel what she already feels deep inside. The connection, the intimacy, emotion and wonder. Both the mommy and the unborn baby demand they want chicken nuggets from daddy and he runs around to get them so as to make them both feel special. All you need at that point is a little house to settle in, begin to build from the smallest things because the love shared is already big enough to make it a home. Do you know that love is tangible, bossy and wants to be felt? Not sure? Ever thought about how you can enter a home and immediately feel safe and welcome. You can tell the peace in the house and joy enticed in the tone, walls and people. It’s different from a place you can go to and 5 minutes later you cannot wait to leave.


Love. It’s funny how love can change a man. That same man viewed as insensitive can simply beam from the laughter of his daughter or seeing his son take his first little steps. True love can melt anyone and break anyone as well. I have watched estranged relationships, of parents and their children get mended by the birth of a grandchild. At the same time I did watch funerals too, ignite love in such a strange way…building and mending relationships. But such temporary affection imposed by an accident or incident cannot be called true. True love has no time, season and intersection. It just effortlessly flows.


Some environments at the same time are just a blessing by being a breath of fresh air and a haven of escapism from the harsh depictions of life. At times we even love what we cannot have. But who taught love that colour, skin, gender and class exists? Enjoy the moment and form your own bliss. Well, I want to tell you so much more about the different love stories you get to briefly see in Mellow Creme’s video of the single, True Love. How unique each gesture and affection is and why true love should matter. With each story I will entangle into the ‘almost private mind’ of Mellow and you will be as excited about what we will find, including the artworks pertaining to this video. Remember, don’t just make it love. Make it true.