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How the Heart Attack music video changed my perspective on relationships

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My first single off my sophomore album, Theory Of Nakedivity had tongues wagging and in ways I didn’t expect. Of coz I wanted to go viral. And yes I wanted to provoke thoughts and conversations but I didn’t think these conversations would happen in my private life. 

The song is about a fantasy that you wish wouldn’t come true. It’s about a very attractive Jezebel that is bad for this man narrating the story. She is irresistible but like good chocolate that is bad for your weight and teeth you keep going back to her. She is so much on fire and an electric shock she will give you a heart attack. With a repetitive bouncy guitar line and strong base behind an interpolation of the famous church vocals of Amen this song is both controversial as well as hypnotic. 


The video is  on my Vevo channel and is set in a hospital room. Directed and filmed by the young and super talented Denver Wenyika aka Deezy of MBD Films its viewership keeps growing. Mellow is harassed and ‘abused’ by 2 very sexy nurses with provocative nurse outfits (every man’s fantasy). He has just been admitted to bed but their hotness and freakiness give him a ‘heart attack’. Instead of them curing him of his ‘sickness’ they seem to be raising his blood pressure even more. Video ends with an aerial view of Harare so that viewers get to appreciate the city where this story unfolds plus to also boast the city where the next African hiphop king is from. Working on this song and video has opened up my mind to how far I can go as an African creative in pushing the minds of my community to deeper levels of thought.

Type in #heartattackchallenge on social media and you will be entertained by many ladies and some men posting their home made videos dancing and lipsyncing to the song. 

Walk with me and share my version of African hiphop soul as I aim to be one of the greatest creatives of all time.



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