Mellow Creme


‘A Better Life’, A New Visual Identity and Global Campaign.


2022 to 2023


Jibu Inc


Brand Strategy, Marketing Strategy and Creative Direction


Rebranding and Marketing Campaigns


Jibu Rwanda - 2023 Rwanda's Best Drinking Water of the Year
Jibu Kenya - The Kenya Beverage Excellence Awards and Top Star Awards 2022
Jibu Inc named Top 16 in the Utopia and World Economic Forum Urban Innovation Challenge - 2023


Overseeing Jibu’s brand and marketing strategy across eight countries, I orchestrated a comprehensive revitalization effort that breathed new life into Jibu’s brand identity. Central to this transformation was the introduction of an impactful tagline, “A Better Life,” symbolizing an unwavering commitment to positive change and community upliftment. This reimagined messaging resonated deeply with their diverse audience, reflecting Jibu’s dedication to enhancing livelihoods and fostering well-being.

Diving into the realm of sonic branding, I wrote and co-produced a multilingual theme song that serves as a unifying anthem for the brand. This sonic identity, seamlessly integrated into our marketing collateral and activations, amplified the brand’s presence and resonance across various touchpoints. Through this innovative approach, I am proud to say I was in charge of creating an immersive brand experience that transcends language barriers and cultural boundaries.

From a Marketing and Communications angle in a nutshell I was responsible for revolutionising Jibu’s market presence with data-driven strategies. We achieved a remarkable 110% increase in sales within 12 months of the brand relaunch in Kenya and in Uganda, drove a revenue growth of 29% by the end of 2023 through enhanced market penetration and franchise engagement. In Rwanda, orchestrated a 15% sales growth, elevating brand recognition to 70%, and secured a strategic partnership with Giants of Africa.

To create a larger than life image I introduced a travel blog called ‘Shirley Was Here’ in partnership with a travelling social entrepreneur Shirley Kandabu.