Mellow Creme

Know your love language

By Vanessa T. Amidu Two strangers can meet and become soul mates. Watching Mellow Creme’s video and connecting myself to the lyrics made me reflect on the power of tune. Music can touch places that hands cannot reach. I have heard other people complaining about their partners being clingy and wishing how badly they wanted […]

How true is true love

By Vanessa T. Amidu Everyone at some point in life has felt their blood rush, feet rise from the ground, stomach grumble or something they did not quite understand until it made sense to link it to a certain individual, who can make one feel this way. You cannot control it, the excitement, the anxiety, […]

Mellow Creme brings back True Love

Zimbabwean Afro Hiphop Artist Mellow Creme has done a remake of the 90s classic True Love by Busi Ncube and Ilanga. Inspired and sampling the original pop classic this is an ode to Zimbabwean music and a dedication to his wife. We are living in an unpredictable time were we question everything around us including […]


We admire PrayerSoul for being focused on his brand and never swaying so as to fit into another fad even when it seemed he wasn’t getting the recognition he deserved. PrayerSoul is a Zimbabwean Neo-Soul Artist who’s toured most of Europe and ventured into the business of Entertainment quite successfully. On his birthday weekend, he […]

Murapi by Petronellah Sengwayo is what we need to hear in this time of Hurting

The times we live in are those we only read in novels and saw in sci-fi movies. So many deaths in the diaspora and plenty of xenophobia and hate crimes. All this makes one question the true meaning of humanity. I didn’t sleep Saturday night and lay awake on my couch flipping through news station after news station […]